Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hi, I am Daphne.

I am a metal smith. I am creating jewelry for the last 13 years. I can proudly say this is the love of my life. I consider myself to be very lucky that I met this profession. It is definitely me.

The possibility to translate my ideas into such strong natural materials, like silver & gold, amazes me each time. The materials are so strong and eternal and I have the chance to express my small inspirations into them. It always feels like a celebration for me.

The process of creating my works includes various actions - whether I am thinking of a new project, sketching my ideas into paper,sitting in my studio, hammering, soldering, sawing, or reading and searching about a new project I am preparing. It all means creation to me. I am a "one man show", doing everything on my own for my business, and I adore every minute of it, because I know I am doing what I love.

All my works are done by me, and most of them are one-of-a-kind, or in limited addition. I believe in art, in creation and I believe that each one of us has a different way to express himself, same goes for individual taste in fashion and jewels. This is very important especially in our world of today, when there is a tendency of mass production of everything,  where each of us looses his individuality.

In this new blog of mine I will share with you my jewelry creation process, inspirations I meet along the way, and how to do some cool things. Being a creative person means I create things in my surroundings, and not only in metal. I will be very glad to share them with you with explanations how to make them.

This is me modeling one of my works:

You can view my works here: www.daphneartjewelry.etsy.com
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Thank you for dropping by :)