Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Story of Honey Bunny

Before introducing you to my dear cats (in my next posts) I would like to share a story with a good end about our sweetheart Honey Bunny.

In my previous home (which I left just a month ago) I (& my dear neighbor)  feed for years the street cats in our yard and its surrounding. In my country “street cats” is a known phenomena and a big heartbreaking problem. Our government and municipalities do very little to lessen their population. For this reason, we have many cats living their lives in the streets. If they are lucky, they are born in an area where there are cat feeders and if not, they need to search for food in the trash and sometimes die of hunger and diseases, missing the love and attention of an owner…

Honey Bunny came to our neighborhood when she was about 6 month. Someone simply put her in our yard, like many other cats we had. Probably done by people who know that cats are fed in this area…At the beginning she was very frightened and unfriendly. She was scared. It took her months till she felt safe and came to us in confidence. But from the moment she felt a part of the neighborhood, there was no heartwarming site than seeing her sleeping in the entrance’s flowerpot J. It said everything… She felt at home.

One of the days I noticed she had an eye infection. It was impossible to take care of her while she was free in the yard and we needed to hospitalize her. It took a while till we managed to catch her in a cage. I gave her to my friend to deliver her. After a few hours I received a phone call from my friend. HunnyBunny managed to get out of the cage and run away. Iwas in shocked couldn't believe what I hear.I thought of HonneyBunny in another city, so far away from her home. My friend tried to run after her but she was faster than her. She lost her traces. She got lost!! What are we to do now?... L

I decided that no matter what will be – I will bring her back home. I was so sad, blaming myself for this tragedy. I came to the area a few times a day trying to find her, calling her name all around the blocks. No sound or trace.

The day after I came again, calling her. Suddenly, I heard some voice that was similar to her. I kept calling her and the voice answered. I looked around and found her hiding on a top of a tree. She recognized me and slowly came down the tree. After 5 minutes she was on the ground rolling from happiness – she was happy to see me. But this was not the end of the story. Since she never let me touch her, and  also remembering what a cage is it was impossible to put her in a cage. We tried for hours. And the day after and the day after, but no… Every day she looked more& more sad and sick. She looked very depressed. But everyday she always answered me, no matter what her condition was.

At the 5th day she was so exhausted & tiered… It was a perfect situation for catching her. I called my friend, an expert in catching cats, and together we managed to distract her and put her in a cage. I couldn’t believe we managed to get her – it was like a dream. We were so happy for not leaving her to live her life in another place which is not her home… We took her for 5 days of hospitalization and after that we brought her BACK HOME.

Ever since, every time I see Honey Bunny in the yard – it makes me so happy, like a miracle or a dream come true…

And now for the punch lines J:
  • If you ever lose your cat (which I hope not) – NEVER give up searching for it. Eventually you will find it. It can take even more than a week (at first they are very scared & hide) but you WILL!
  • If you have in your surroundings a deserted animal – feed it. Pet it. LOVE it. 

Sweet Honey Bunny

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Friday, January 4, 2013

How to Make Balloon Flowers

Hi Everyone :)

I will show you how to make these cute fabric balloon flowers. These are the easiest and very usable as hairpins, cloths pins, bag & cloths decorations, boxes decorations…



What do We Need to Start?


·        a piece of cloth
·        a needle
·        a sewing thread in the color of the cloth
·        a pair of scissors



Creating the Flower


1.      cut a circle from the cloth. Consider the diameter of the flower will be 50% less than
      the diameter of the circle you cut
2.     thread a double thread in the needle and tie the two edges together at the end
3.     fold the edge of the circle 5mm and stick the needle in. Pull the thread
4.     continue folding the edge of the circle and go back and forth along the edge of the
     circle, till you meet the point you started to sew.
5.     pull the thread to create the balloon. Make sure the edge of the cloth is inside

Now you have got it!! :) You created the flower within a very short time. Now it’s up to you to be creative and think where to put it – on your skirt, shirt, bag, create a hairpin… you can glue or saw a bead or a piece of cloth at its center.

Here are some of my flowers. I added metal and beads to their center to make them interesting:

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