Friday, January 4, 2013

How to Make Balloon Flowers

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I will show you how to make these cute fabric balloon flowers. These are the easiest and very usable as hairpins, cloths pins, bag & cloths decorations, boxes decorations…



What do We Need to Start?


·        a piece of cloth
·        a needle
·        a sewing thread in the color of the cloth
·        a pair of scissors



Creating the Flower


1.      cut a circle from the cloth. Consider the diameter of the flower will be 50% less than
      the diameter of the circle you cut
2.     thread a double thread in the needle and tie the two edges together at the end
3.     fold the edge of the circle 5mm and stick the needle in. Pull the thread
4.     continue folding the edge of the circle and go back and forth along the edge of the
     circle, till you meet the point you started to sew.
5.     pull the thread to create the balloon. Make sure the edge of the cloth is inside

Now you have got it!! :) You created the flower within a very short time. Now it’s up to you to be creative and think where to put it – on your skirt, shirt, bag, create a hairpin… you can glue or saw a bead or a piece of cloth at its center.

Here are some of my flowers. I added metal and beads to their center to make them interesting:

You can view my works here:
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